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Crowfield's Best Of All "Stina"

C.I.E; CH NL; LX; DE; BE; JCH DE; BE; LX; German Winner'17; Spaniel of the year 2017  

Bungee Jumper's Flip A Coin

Nord JW'17 

Goldmoore's All Time High


born: 27.02.2020



Fuco: free

AMS: free

PFKD: free

FN: free

Shaking Puppy Syndrome: free

Eye : PRA / Kat free 05.11.2021

RD : free

Cord1 PRA: free

Gonio: Moderately affected

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5x Best Puppy
BIS Puppy 
BIS Puppy Res

Verpaarung Pedigree B Wurf.jpg
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