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Our C-litter, the Majesty's are born 13.mai 2021!

we have 1 male and 2 females
all puppies are sold!

C-litter_Crowfields 2021.jpg
Crowfield's C litter, Adam und Feeby

After a long search and research, we have decided again for a male from Sweden. I was allowed to get to know "Adam" (Finnlidens His Majesty) already in September 2018, in Denmark at the DKK Gold Cup (a spaniel show). When I saw him I was immediately enthusiastic about his appearance, his expressive great head, with his dark hazel eyes and his thick bones. I was confirmed in my opinion as he was second best English Springer Spaniel male from the whole show. But as he lives very far up in Sweden, we had other plans for the past litters. But now the time has come and I am tackling the long distance. This way I not only fulfil my own demands as a good breeder, but I also contribute to the preservation of the breed! Health-wise as well as optically, the two are a perfect match. Adam already has more than 65 offspring, some of them have not only been successful at shows, they're also have been used for breeding. With his 8 years he's in a very good condition and free of any eye diseases. Annika Sanchez describes him like this: Adam is very charming and easy to handle. He learns very quickly and with pleasure. Even with his 8 years he is sometimes still like a little boy, funny and playful. Adam is as successful in dummy work as our Feeby. You can find more information on the page of Annika Sanchez.

Both parents are NOT hunted and has a great will to please.
We hope for breed-typical, healthy and beautiful brown and white English Springer puppies with charming characters!

Bank the royals 1.png

Crowfield's copyright "Maggie" female

C Copyright.jpg

Crowfield's corporate identity "Charles" male

C Corporate Identity.jpg

Crowfield's Coming Soon "Muzie" female

C Coming Soon.jpg
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