Our B-litter, the Sweden gang was born on February 27th!
There are 4 males and 4 females in liver/white
with beautiful & expressive heads.

AVK: 96,67%   IK: 0,00%

Crowfield's C litter, Adam und Feeby

For our B - litter we decided on a young but very experienced male from Sweden. "Wayne" comes from the Kennel Goldmoore, who have been breeding this breed successfully for over 30 years, and Wayne has already very beautiful and promising offsprings. He is also like Feeby HD-free and he was also tested free during eye examinations, including gonioscopy. He'isn't only impresses with its look, he also is a charming boy with nature and great gait which confirmed me again on site. He also has all the typical features of the English Springer Spaniel and has a strong "Will to please". His owner describes him as follows: "Wayne gets along with everyone and everything, no matter whether human or dog, he wants to please everyone and is extremely cuddly!"