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December 17, 2021

A bunch of happiness!

Time always goes by way too fast. Now our little ones are already 6 weeks old and slowly one or the other character is showing. But I can say one thing with certainty: they are all cuddly. It doesn't matter if we have small children visiting, they all immediately seek physical contact and crawl onto our laps. The meals have already been increased to 4x a day and the sleep phases are now getting shorter and shorter.

It's nice to see how they develop and how brave they are in the face of everything new.


December 8th

Our 9 dreams are developing really well. The feeding also works without any problems and Juna is always looking forward to the leftovers, if there are any. We moved into the living room and the little ones experience all the everyday noises. The number of visits has also increased, because all families want to experience the development.

Next week we’ll have some fresh air.

We are now looking forward to the Christmas season and are enjoying our large pack ;-)


December 5th IRA Kassel

And again we had a very successful day at the international exhibition in Kassel. Our youngest "Mutzie" won her class and was again Best Puppy Dog and her half-sister "Stina" got the BOB and CACIB again from 21 registered English Springer! Afterwards we had Stina's breeding license which of course she received with flying colors. In the ring of honor, Stina was once again picked out by all the best of FCI Group 8 and thus came under the best 6. It was a long day with over 500 km, but it was very worthwhile. We are very proud of our offspring and are now looking forward to the Christmas season and the development of our DREAMS (D-litter)

K640_WhatsApp Image 2021-12-07 at 16.15.31.JPG

November 21, 2021 SRA Iserlohn

We are back from the SRA in Iserlohn with great results. A total of 15 ESS were registered and Stina won the BOB from the intermediate class and was Sauerland winner 2021. Mutzie was, at just 6 months, best youngest dog in the show. The judge Philip Fortemps (BE) was enthusiastic about our offspring which was shown in the reports!

BOB SRA Iserlon, Stina und Mutzie

November 19, 2021

Now our dreams are already 2 weeks old and they are all developing splendidly. Juna is a very relaxed and caring mom who instinctively does a great job. The weights have already been doubled and one or the other is already starting to blink. The whelping box is slowly coming to life, because not only do the eyes open, the gang of nine also begins to move on all fours.


05 November 2021

On the 58th day of pregnancy Juna decided not to wait any longer and gave us around afternoon, in only 6 hours, 9 beautiful and healthy puppies. She immediately took on the role of mother and lovingly takes care of her little rascals. All nine are gaining weight daily and we are looking forward to the coming weeks.


22.Oktober BSA Gelsenkirchen

We brought Stina to us and got her ready for her 1st show in Gelsenkirchen. After trimming, bathing and some running training we went to the Bundesieger in Gelsenkirchen on Friday. Stina won her group but because of her SG1 she did not take part in the decision for the best bitch, which was a pity because she showed herself very well and ran wagging through the ring. The reason was probably her somewhat rolling back which we try from now on by cycling and swimming to consolidate. So we do not give up so quickly because I am 100% convinced of her and of course totally in love! The next show can come....


October 13th

our little "Mutzie" (Crowfield's Coming Soon) is already 5 months old and is developing splendidly. With almost 17 kg and about 44 cm she will be a beautiful, strong bitch.

During dummy training, she is very docile, enjoys her work and is really fun to work with.  Even with the change of teeth, she is already through and everything without any problems. Now it's time to wait and develop and grow!


October 05

We went to the ultrasound and our suspicions were confirmed today. Jippi ...... Juna is pregnant.

If everything goes so well, we expect our D litter at the beginning of November. From this pairing, brown / white / tan puppies could be born for the first time. We are excited and very happy!


04.09 - 10.09.2021

After a long wait for Juna's heat, the time had finally come! We had a longer but wonderful trip to Denmark. With wonderful weather and temperatures around 23 degrees, Juna decided to wait a few more days to enjoy the beautiful landscape. Since both jumpers, Juna and Madson, are still very young and inexperienced, I was particularly excited. We let the two play a little with each other beforehand, so covering the next day wasn't a problem at all. If everything goes according to plan, we hope and expect our "Dreams" at the beginning of November



The time flies by. The royals are already eating from their own bowls, are chipped and vaccinated and have already packed their suitcases for the move to their new home. As always, it is very difficult for us to say goodbye, which makes it all the better that we can keep in touch with everyone and support the royals in their development. With a pull-out weight of 7 - 8 kg this is our heaviest and strongest litter that we are very proud of!



We had an exciting photo shoot with Beate Schmahl and our royals. Even if there are only 3, it is not that easy to get everyone into a pose and keep them still. Everyone bustled around somewhere else and discovered nature in the heath on the Egelsberg. But the result is impressive and we'll be happy to do it again next time. Luckily the weather played along and the sun even came out!

42 mit WZ -_.jpg


Our royal trio is developing really well. They gain weight very well and have almost tripled their weight in 10 days! After all, they also have  Free choice at the milk bar. Feeby is also doing very well and you might think that she chuckles even more with the 3 bundles of joy than with the other litters. Next week the first deworming is due and I will then move back into the bedroom!



Today we got the great news that Stina (from our B-litter) HD is free too. Stina lives in the Netherlands and we have her in co-owner with Kennel Bungee Jumper's. So we are happy about 3x HD: A results from this beautiful litter from Wayne and Feeby.



Our majesties are here!

Just in time for Father's Day, Feeby gave us 3 wonderful puppies. At 8:00 p.m. she started to get restless and at 9:25 p.m. the first bitch was born. As always, the second puppy was not long in coming and we welcomed a strong male at 9:58 p.m. Then Feeby needed a little break, but already at 11:15 pm the next puppy, bitch No. 2 saw the light of day. Everyone is safe and sound.

We are extremely happy and excited about the development of the Royal Trio



You have mail!!!

Today we received the great news from the Spaniel Club Germany about the evaluation of the hips of Lennox and Bonnie, from our B-litter. And what can I say: Both A hips

So the first step is done and we hope that, despite this crazy year, it will continue with the breeding approval of the two

HD Ergebnisse Crowfields B Wurf


Today Lennox, from the B litter, was with us and got the summer cut. Of course, I then took out the camera and quickly photographed the young man again.

I'm looking forward to his further development and if Corona allows it, we will get him ready for breeding this year as well.



We were with Bonnie and Lennox, from our B litter, for the HD x-ray in Kleve and both of them probably have tip top hips. Now we just have to wait for the confirmation from the club and then we can move on.

Crowfield's Born To Be My Best, Wayne und Feeby, Crowfield's B Wurf


We went to the ultrasound and our assumption was confirmed. After Feeby puked several times in the second week and she prefers to eat and sleep instead of going for a walk, we are now looking forward to healthy and beautiful brown and white majesties in May.

All puppies are already taken!

Ultraschall C Wurf, Adam und Feeby, Finnlidens His Majesty und Bungee Jumper's Flip A Coin, Kennel Crowfields

02/28/2021 photoshoot with Juna

Today we used the nice weather to take beautiful head and stand pictures of our Juna. A big thank you again to Andre Weber (kennel Heddington's) for your great work!

Now you can start planning your first litter.


Bungee Jumper's Just In Love Kennel Crowfield's Krefeld

02/27/2021 B litter birthday

Today our Swedish gang from "Feeny & Wayne" is already 1 year old. We warmly congratulate all 8 and wish you a wonderful day.

Kennel Crowfield's Krefeld English Springer Spaniel

02/06/2021 visit by Lennox


We had a visit from our young and beautiful offspring male Crowfield's Born To Run High "Lennox". First he was trimmed and then he was allowed to play with our pack. At almost 12 months he has not only developed super visually, he also has a great character and is very easy to handle. His owners make dummies with him and he loves the water just like his mom. We are more than satisfied with his development and look forward to the next steps with him.

Crowfield's Born To Run High
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