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03/18/2023 7 weeks old

how fast time goes by. It's so nice to see how great everyone is developing and (unfortunately) not for long before the little ones are allowed to move out. We enjoy the days outside and start driving, combined with small excursions. Those interested in puppies will then, in the next week, be assigned their new family members and we will be busy packing their suitcases. With every visit there is something new for the new home!


03/11/2023 they keep getting prettier

our 8 are getting prettier every week. Overall we can say that this litter is extremely relaxed and calm. We have children visiting us every week and the little ones do everything a child's heart can do with puppies. From lying on their backs to being covered up, everyone is completely chilled.

Mama Stina also lets the little ones drink and meanwhile they cuddle with Aunt Mutzie and Aunt Page. Everyone is allowed to go to the puppies and that is so nice to see.


03/04/2023 No more porridge

The 5th week begins and the dry food is now being soaked less and less and divided into 3 meals.

The outlet in the living room has increased and fresh, albeit cold, air has already been snatched on the terrace. Everyone is gaining weight and is now playing with each other. And of course they're all getting prettier every week!


02/26/2023 The first visit is coming up

We are already 4 weeks old and the first prospective puppy can come. The 8 have moved into the living room and had no problems with this either.

They are already getting 2 meals, but Mama Stina still has BESTE milk.

All developing well and weighing over 2 kilos, we are more than satisfied!

We had a photographer and breeder here who took a few photos. Many thanks again to Anja Michels, who we will see more often in the coming weeks. We're looking forward to it.....


February 19th, 2023 the first 3 weeks just flew by

Now the 8 are already 3 weeks old, keep their eyes open and walk around. The first run was curiously explored and accepted, but the whelping box is still a place to sleep and a safe zone. The waking phases are getting a little longer now and I've started feeding some milk to make Stina a little easier. She is getting 4 times the amount of food and is passing everything on to her children.

WhatsApp Image 2023-02-18 at 16.15.27(5).jpeg

02/13/2023 The fabulous 8 2 weeks old!

Now the little dwarfs are already 2 weeks old and almost all have already cracked the 1 kilo mark!

Stina is a great mom and now leaves the puppy box for a short time during the day.

Ene mene shit it rattles in the box ..... laughing

because even the first attempts at walking are started and you explore each other. Although the little eyes are slowly opening, it still takes a while to see.

We are more than satisfied with this beautiful litter and are excited to see how the eight develop further.


01/28/2023 Our F-litter is here! Yippi

On Saturday morning Stina gave birth to 8 beautiful Springer babies within 6 hours. There are 2 boys and 6 girls and all in beautiful brown/white.

We are extremely happy and proud of Stina, who has become a mom for the first time. She is in no way inferior to her mother "FEEBY" and only leaves the whelping box in extreme emergencies.

All 8  are weighed twice a day and have already doubled their weight after about 10 days! We look forward to the upcoming puppy season.


January 2023


After a long wait we finally got mail from the FCI

PAGE is FCI International Youth Beauty Champion.

This title has been in effect since August 2022 and is brand new.

The Jewish dog has to win the youth class in 3 different countries and then gets the JCACIB.

Of course, the VDH can also be paid for this!

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-26 at 13.19.05.jpeg

13.01.2023  What a beautiful day

The new year couldn't start any nicer and that on a Friday the 13th ;-)

Today came the evaluation of the three X-rays from December and what can I say......




We are very happy about these great results and are now going to the 2nd step for breeding suitability!

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