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Salsy Dog's Espresso For Me "Linus"

DAM:  Dt.JCh.(Kl+VDH), FCI-Jhrdt.JSg.11, Dt.Ch. (Kl+VHD),
Salsy Dog's Do It Again
SIRE:  Dt.JCh (Kl+VDH), BJSgr.12, Klubschausieger 2013 
Barecho Golden Boy
Salsy Dog's Espresso For Me Linus

born:  27.08.2012


HD: A2
Fuco: Frei / free
Gonio: Frei / free 23.10.13 / 07.11.16
Eyes: clear 213.10.13 / 12.01.15 / 07.11.16

PRA Cord1: Träger/carrier

RD: Frei/free
DCM: free 26.01.2015


Dt. Jugend- Champion VDH +Klub

Dt. Champion VDH + Klub

VDH Frühjahrs- Sieger 2015

Belgischer Champion

Inter. CH (C.I.E.)

Crufts Qualification

Dummystufe 1

Barecho Golden Boy

Goldmoore's Gold Dreamer

Barecho Poetry in Motion

Barecho Fun For the Future

Mistily's Sky News

Wongan Romanza at Barecho

Salsy Dog's Do it Again

Ronan Keating of the Springer Clan

Trollängens My Buddy Marlon

Trollängens For Heavens Sake

Summerwind from the Springer clan

Old Shatterhand from the Springer clan

Heaven's Extravaganza by the Springer Clan

Linus lives up to its name. He has a lot of will to please and likes to retrieve for his life, if no dummy is available then also alternatively like sniffing blankets, socks and shoes are taken. Its essence can be described with the breed-typical "Will to please". He wants ALWAYS and Everyone and takes himself back very much. He is 100% strong in the nerves and is impressed by nothing. He is also available at any time. We've been training at Gundogs for a few years and Linus has grown a lot since then. He learns very fast and performs his tasks with flying colors. His coat is smooth and simple which is easy to handle and care for. At exhibitions, he always shows his best side and often wins because of his great, expansive and sweeping movement. He has become a multiple champion and even International Show Champion in 4 years. And in puppies he likes to play the midwife why he is called Lillifee.

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