17.10.2022  6 weeks old

it's so nice to see all 4 develop and grow from week to week very well.  It's slowly becoming little springers who explore the world with a lot of joy and curiosity. Wobble board, tunnel and wobbly bridge have already become uninteresting on the puppy playground. We have increased the meals to 4 and in the evenings there is already delicious wet food (Heimatglück). Even if visitors come, you can chillax on your lap :-)


24.10.2022 7 Wochen alt

nun sind die fantastischen 4 schon 7 Wochen alt und wir fangen an die kleinen ans  Autofahren zu gewöhnen. Erstmal kurze Strecken in Verbinding mit einem kleinen Ausflug sodaß es positiv verknüpft wird. Auch üben wir zu Zeit Standbilder aber die Entscheidungen sind getroffen. Für alle 4 haben wir ein passendes zu Hause gefunden. Einen Rüden und eine Hündin werden wir wohl in Zukunft mal im Showring sehen! Ich freu mich drauf......


17.10.2022  6 Wochen alt

es ist so schön zu beobachten wie sich alle 4 entwickeln und von Woche zu Woche wachsen. Langsam werden es kleine Springer die mit viel Freude und Neugierde die Welt erkunden. Wackelbrett, Tunnel und Wackelbrücke sind auf dem Welpenspielplatz schon uninteressant geworden. Wir haben die Malzeiten auf 4 erhöht und abends gibt es jetzt schon leckeres Nassfutter (Heimatglück). Auch wenn Besuch kommt kann man entspannt auf dem Schoß Chillaxen :-)

WhatsApp Image 2022-10-19 at 19.47_edited.jpg

10/15/2022 Autumn Winner Exhibition Dortmund

Wow... what a great day today for our Lady's at the Autumn Winner Show in Dormund

Crowfiel's Daylight "PAGE" (Youth class) V1 CAC VDH Best Youth Dog J-CACIB and Autumn Youth Winner 2022

..... In the end she became BOB

Crowfield's Coming Soon "MUTZIE" (intermediate class) Excellent 1 CAC VDH and Res CAC Res CACIB

Crowfield's Best Of All "STINA" (Open Class) V1 CAC VDH - CAC Club CACIB Best Bitch & now also Autumn Winner 2022

Thanks to judge: Markku Kipinä (FN)


10/14/2022 National Winner Show in Dortmund

We had a successful show weekend in Dortmund with our team Crowfield's. Friday the national winners with 21 and Saturday the autumn winners with 15 English Springer Spaniels entered.

14.10. National winner exhibition Dortmund 2022

Crowfield's Daylight "PAGE" (junior class) V2 Anwt VDH CAC, is therefore also VDH youth champion at just 11 months

Crowfield's Coming Soon "MUTZIE" (intermediate class) Exc.1 Anwt VDH CAC

Crowfield's Best Of All "STINA" (open class) V1 Anwt VDH CAC and Res CAC/CACIB so Res Bundesiegerin 2022

Judge Mrs. Dinanda Mensink (NL)


10/10/2022 already 5 weeks old

time goes by way too fast and all 4 are developing really well. We enjoyed the nice weather and went outside. The wobble board and tunnel didn't really impress the 4, they were immediately curiously explored and walked over.  The first visit was also in the fifth week and the toes were vigorously nibbled.


10/03/2022 our gold cups 4 weeks old

The spout for the 4 has increased a bit for a few days and today the 1st visit was already there.

The crackling toy is shaken and there is a lot of nibbling because the teeth are coming. Feeding with soaked junior food and some baby milk also works perfectly and is done in a civilized manner. But since Feeby has enough milk, we will take it slow.


02.10.2022 international Wallonia Dog Show Mons

Page and I were at the international dog show in Mons and she received her 3rd and last J-CACIB for the new FCI title from judge Berchtold Peter Freidrich(AT). Thus, with just 11 months, she has made 3x best youth dog in 3 different countries and this in a time of just 2 months.


09/26/2022 our gold cups 3 weeks old

Life comes into the booth or rather into the whelping box. Everyone opens their eyes and starts moving. It's always nice to see this and how quickly the little ones learn. The 4 have now found that they are not alone. They nibble or suckle at each other. Just lovely


09/19/2022 our gold cups 2 weeks old

we tried to take head pictures. One or the other is already beginning to blink. In the next few days everyone will probably be able to see the light of the big, beautiful world. Feeby is once again fully immersed in her role as a mother and doesn't want to leave the whelping box. She would even have liked to serve her food there. What can I say, yes I serve them.....hihi


17.09.2022 International Dog Show Maastricht

Since Mutzie has her NL Junior Champion, PAGE can now go to Holland with her mum and show herself to the judges.

She received an Exc.1 and became Best Youth Dog and received the Res CAC. Her mother JUNA also received an Exc.1 and the Res CACIB from judge: Dhr Marian Draganescu (RO).

So Page now has her 2nd J-CACIB for the new FCI title International Youth Beauty Champion since August 2022.


05.09.2022 our E-litter was born

Feeby gave us 4 beautiful, healthy  brown-white Springer puppies in just about 1 hour. We have distributed fairly 2 boys and 2 girls. All puppies are already reserved!


27.08.2022 International Dog Show Rotterdam

Since Mutzie is only one V1 missing for the Dutch Junior Champion, we went to Rotterdam with her and Juna. Not only did she win the youth class, she also received the RES CAC and was 2 Best Female. Juna also won her open class, but only with a VERY GOOD. Now Mutzie has another youth title and thus also her last in this class.

On to the intermediate class......


08/25/2022 we got mail

Now it's official. "Mutzie" Crowfield's Comin Soon (from our C-litter) is German Youth Champion VDH and Club (SCD) with just 15 months. She is just like her mother and is in no way inferior to her!

We are very happy about this great success and that despite a longer break because of Corona!

Crowfield's Coming Soon

21.08.2022 Klubshow JSK in Lennestadt

Was für ein schöner Erfolg für unseren Kennel!

2. Tag in Lennestadt auf der Klubshow vom Jagdspaniel Klub heute Richterin: Mrs Marjo Jaakkola (FN)

Crowfield's Daylight "PAGE" V1 JCAC BJ mit gerade mal 9 Monaten und erneut Best In Show Jugend heute bei Richter: Moray Armstrong (UK) Somit KLUBSHOW-JUGENDSIEGERIN 2022

Crowfield's Coming Soon "MUTZIE" gewann erneut mit gerade 15 Monaten die Zwischenklasse und wurde BOB und somit KLUBSHOW-SIEGERIN 2022

Im Ehrenring bei Richter: Moray Armstrong erlief sie sich dann von allen 9 Spaniel Rassen das Best in Show Platz 4

Crowfield's Best Of All "STINA" gewann ebenfalls Ihre Klasse und wurde 2 Beste Hündin somit Reserve Klubsieger

Zum ersten mal startete ich in der Zuchtgruppe und wurde 3

Was für ein tolles Wochenende ich kann es immer noch nicht fassen.


20.08.22  115 years anniversary winner exhibition

The Jagdspaniel Club celebrated 115 years and we were there!

A great first day in Lennestadt for our girls

Judge: Mr Moray Armstrong (UK)

Crowfield's Daylight "PAGE" Exc.1 JCAC BEST youth dog and JUBILEE WINNER and BISJ by judge: MrsMarjo Jaakkola (FN)

Crowfield's Coming Soon "MUTZIE" competed in the intermediate class for the first time and received Exc.1 CAC VDH

Crowfield's Best Of All "STINA" V1 CAC VDH


08/18/2022 Charlie was also here for trimming

Charlie (Crowfield's Dream To Heaven) was allowed to spend 1 day with us and I used the time and trimmed him and of course also photographed him, because he also developed well and is being prepared for breeding.

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-04 at 17.22.21.jpeg

08/09/2022 Visit from Danny

Today Danny visited us and was trimmed, we took the chance and took a few pictures. We are just as enthusiastic about him as we are about his siblings and look forward to what is to come.

A big thank you to Mum & Dad for the impeccable upbringing and great care of Danny.

We look forward to its further development!


07.08.2022 IRA Oldenburg

Judge: Peter Machetanz (D)

Today our little PAGE received the V1 with J-CAC, Best Youth Dog and the CACIB-J was awarded for the first time, which we are very happy about. Juna also won her class again and was 2 Best Bitch. In the ring of honor PAGE was judged by: Hanne Lai)ne Jenden (DK) Best Youth Dog of Group 8. Then all winners of the 11 FCI groups had to enter the ring and PAGE was BIS J (Best Youth Dog of the Show) We are extremely happy with our offspring and of course just as proud!!!


06.08.2022 IRA Oldenburg

This year the International Dog Show took place in Oldenburg and we entered Juna and Page for both days. Page ran in junior class for the first time at exactly 9 months and received a very good with a very nice report from the judge: Hans van den Berg (NL).

Juna won the open class and was 2 Best Bitch.


August 01, 2022

We had an ultrasound and our suspicions that Feeby was pregnant were confirmed. Now it's time to keep your fingers crossed that the second half of the pregnancy is going well and without any problems. However, Feeby is already looking forward to the larger feed ration......laughs


July 17 Club Show Day

The judge and spaniel specialist Mrs. R. Lochs-Roman (NL) was invited for the club show, who also had a judge candidate with her!

For each jumper, she explained in detail what is important and what makes the breed so special.

She let everyone walk on a loose leash to see each dog's natural gait.

And then (literally) "JUNA" ran her class with 5 ESS bitches and became Best of Breed (of 20 ESS) with the beautiful words of the judge: by far the BEST!

"MUTZIE" also became Best Youth Dog again and we received a lot of praise for the breeding of this breed.

In the ring of honor with 8 spaniel breeds, "JUNA" got BIS 6. So we drove home more than happy and satisfied and look forward to next year!


July 15 and July 16 Munk

We were at the Spaniel Club Germany club show weekend and were able to show our girls in the most beautiful weather and pleasant temperatures.

Our youngest "PAGE" received a promising 1 on all 3 days.

"MUTZIE" was placed 2nd on Friday by judge: O.Barthel (D) and on Saturday she won the youth class and even became Best Youth Dog of the Show in the ring of honor.

The oldest of the bunch "Juna" won the open class on Saturday, with 6 entered ESS, and then got the reserve CAC club. We are looking forward to the club show on Sunday!


July 03, 2022 Trip to Denmark

Feeby has been in heat since the end of June and according to progesterone tests I was finally able to go to Denmark. The selection of the stud dog was not easy for me this time, so that I finally decided on the spot. After 3 exciting and beautiful days at Kennel Sieger's, we have arrived home safely and now we have to wait and see!

But as far as I know my Feeby, she's already breeding ;-)


09. July 2022 IRA Neuss

Da in diesem Jahr die 2 Shows IRA und German Winner in Neuss statt finden mußte ich natürlich dieses Heimspiel nutzen, denn in den vergangenen Jahren waren diese Shows immer in Leipzig.

Mutzie gewann die Jugendklasse bei Richter: R. Blomme (BE) udn wurde Bester Jugendhund!

Mutzie V1 Best Jugend.jpg

03. July 2022 Reise nach Dänemark

Feeby ist seit Ende Juni läufig und ich konnten laut Progesteron Tests endlich nach Dänemark fahren. Die Auswahl des Deckrüden ist mir dieses mal nicht leichtgefallen, sodaß ich letztendlich erst vorort entschieden habe. Nach 3 spannenden und schönen Tagen bei Kennel Sieger's sind wir wieder gut zu Hause angekommen und müssen jetzt erstmal abwarten!

Aber so wie ich meine Feeby kenne brütet sie jetzt schon ;-)


June 12 Water Seminar with Mutzie

After a long, long time I've booked a seminar at Dogs College again. At brilliant temperatures for such a seminar, Mutzie showed her best side. She was one of the youngest of the 8 participants and showed promising work, whether directly into the water or over the water on land. I am very enthusiastic about her willingness to work and look forward to more with her!


June 11, 2022 George from our D litter

Danny's brother George from Gelsenkirchen also visited us so that I can show Mum the right movements when trimming. He has also developed well and we are looking forward to more here.

With one or the other male we will visit a show in the future!


June 7th, 2022 Danny from our D-litter

Our offspring male "Danny" visited us and I trimmed him a bit for the summer vacation. He has developed great and we look forward to more from him. Many thanks again to its owners


June 04, 2022 Gorinchem

We went to the beautiful Netherlands again for the Holland Cup 100 year old KC Arnhem.

Crowfield's Coming Soon "MUTZIE" V1, Best Junior Res CAC and Cruft's Qualification

Bungee Jumper's Just In Love "JUNA" V1

Judge: Mr Ozan Belkis (TR)


May 29, 2022 European Winner Show Dortmund

After yesterday didn't go that well for us, we had a great success today.

Crowfield's Daylight VV1 Best Puppy,

Crowfield's Coming Soon V3 (Youth class),

Crowfield's Best Of All V1 CAC CACIB and BOS with Crufts Qualification (Open Class).

Our offspring "Stina" rocked it, jippi jippi jeh


May 27, 2022 Spring Winner Dortmund

We were in Dortmund and showed judge S.Paduch(D) our 3 girls, who then received the following assessments: Crowfield's Daylight VV1 Best Puppy,

Crowfield's Coming Soon V2 CAC-J Res and

Unfortunately, Bungee Jumper's Just In Love only received an Exc.3

After that we went straight to the water where everyone had a lot of fun. Tomorrow is another day!


May 21 SRA Cologne & 100 years BG Rhineland

We were at the SRA in Cologne with pleasant temperatures and sunshine. Charlie and Mum had their premiere and got V1 and JCAC from judge Manuela Schär (CH).

Charlie even became Best Junior Male!

Page became Best Puppy of Breed and also at the end of the show. Stina won her class and even got BOB. It was a beautiful Saturday with nice people and good organization. We'll be back


May 18th Charlie with us for trimming

Charlie was made beautiful for his 1st show in Cologne.

A little plucked and cut so that Sir Charles cuts a fine figure in the ring. We are super proud of the young man who has developed really well!

Kudos to its owners Jeany & Mika


May 16, 2022 HD X-ray

The 3 Royals were in Kleve for a hip x-ray.

We are curious about the results but if Dr Camp is right all 3 HD should be free.

The hips result came pretty quickly and we have all 3 HD free!

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-16 at 13.58.06(2).jpeg

May 15, 2022 IRA Lingen CACIB

Our show team "Crowfield's" was on the road again after a long time. Judge Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel was very pleased with our offspring and awarded our MUTZIE the BOB out of the youth class.

Crowfield's Daylight VV1 best youngest

Crowfield's Coming Soon V1 JCAC Best Junior and BOB

Crowfield's Best Of All V1 and res CAC and res CACIB


May 13, 2022

Mutzie has the total perspective!!!

On May 13th, just in time for your 1st birthday, we went to Bonn for an eye exam.

The first step for breeding has been successfully ticked off, let's continue!


January 28, 2022

Before the last male leaves our kennel, we quickly took a few pictures of the siblings.

Sometimes things happen that weren't planned, but that's how it is in the breeder's life. So the little PAGE will stay with us for the time being.


January 02, 2022

Our Mutzie from the C litter is developing very well and we took a few photos. Your father ADAM is coming through more and more, which makes me particularly happy! Also in the dummy work she gives more than 100% like her mother

We are excited and look forward to their further development.