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Our D-litter "The Dreams" from Juna & Madsen was born on 05.11.2021!

There are 7males and 2 females in the colors brown/white

Madson und Juna D-Wurf.jpg
Bank the dreams.png

For our D litter we have chosen a young male from Kennel Sieger's.
Since Juna's father (Sieger's Run Baby Run) and grandma (Sieger's Heal The World) were bred by Sieger's and I was able to get to know the whole family and their great dogs over the years, a dream comes true.
The Borregaard Madsen family (Kennel Sieger's) has not only bred expressive and beautiful, but also successful and breed-typical English Springer Spaniels for over 35 years.

Madson, Vibe told me, is an absolute clown and lives with 4 other males. He has no problem with anyone or anything, on the contrary, he wants to be "best friend" with everyone. His sister also lives at Sieger's and is successfully exhibited at shows!
He loves the water and has a nice, smooth coat that is easy to care for.

His sire Sieger's Money Talks "Messie" already has more than 130 offspring which are also bred, as well as the dam line. In addition, Messie has become "World Dog Winner" and European winner in 2018 and 2019 and has already made Best Of Breed at Crufts in UK. It simply corresponds to all my ideas about an English Springer Spaniel. Wherever he was shown, he won not only because of his great appearance but also because of his very lively movement. Here is a video excerpt from the ring of honor where he became European Winner 2017

He also gave his son this beautiful, lively movement and I'm really looking forward to it  interesting and promising pairing !!!

K640_Paula HP_Fotor.JPG
K640_Danny HP_Fotor.JPG

Male "Danny"

K640_Lupo HP_Fotor.JPG

Male "Lupo"

K640_Charlie HP_Fotor.JPG
K640_Digga HP_Fotor.JPG

Male "Digga"

K640_Watson HP_Fotor.JPG

Male "Watson"

K640_George HP_Fotor.JPG

Male "George"

K640_Max HP_Fotor.JPG

Male "Max"

K640_Charlie HP_Fotor.JPG

Male "Charlie"

K640_Paula HP_Fotor.JPG

Female "Paula"

K640_Page HP_Fotor.JPG

Female "Page"

JWW21 JCh Sieger's Easter Day


Sister "Malou"


Father "Messi"

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