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Breed standard

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Browsing and retrieving dog.


Group 8 retrieving dogs, rummaging dogs, water dogs. Section 2 rifle dogs. With working trial.


The breed is ancient and pure in origin, oldest of the Gundog breeds. The original purpose was to find and hunt game in the net hunt, hunt with the falcon or the greyhound. Is now used to find game, make high and retrieve after the shot.


Symmetrically built, compact, strong, happy, lively. Tallest on legs and most thoroughbred in physique of all British land Spaniels.


Kind, carefree, obedient. Fearfulness or aggressiveness highly undesirable.

Head / skull:

Skull : Of medium length, relatively broad, slightly rounded, rising from the muzzle. Eyebrow ridges or a stop, divided by a furrow between the eyes, tapering from the forehead to the occiput; the latter must not emerge.

Facial skull: Nose - nostrils well developed.

Muzzle: In the correct length ratio to the skull, relatively wide and deep, well chiseled under the eyes.

Lips: Moderately deep and square.

Jaw / teeth:

Strong jaws with a perfect, regular and complete scissor bite, with the upper incisors reaching over the lower row without any space and the teeth being perpendicular in the jaw.

Cheeks: Flat.

Eyes: Medium size, almond-shaped, not protruding or deep-set, well set (not showing nictitating skin), alert, friendly expression. Dark hazel brown. Light eyes undesirable.

Ears: lobed, good length and width, lying fairly close to the head, set on at eye level. Nice feathered.

Neck: Good length, strong and muscular, no loose throat skin, slightly curved, tapering towards the head.

Body: Strong, neither too long nor too short.

Loin: Muscular, strong, slightly arched and short.

Chest: Deep chest, well developed. Good arching of the ribs.

Tail: Set on low, never carried above the topline. Well feathered, lively. In harmony with the overall appearance of the dog.


Forelegs straight, of good bone strength.

Shoulders: Sloping and well set back.

Elbows: Close to the body.

Pastern: Strong, flexible.

Forefeet: Toes close together, paws compact, well rounded. with strong, padded pads.


Hind legs well lowered.

Upper thigh: Broad, muscular and well developed.

Knees and Hocks : Good, but not excessively angled. Bulky hocks undesirable.

Feet: Toes close together, paws compact, well rounded, with strong, padded pads.

Gait:   Of a completely unique kind. Forelegs swing straight out of the shoulder, with the paws being thrown well forward in a free, light manner. Hocks swing well under the building, following the forehand in a line. When walking slowly, the dog can show the typical pace of this breed.


Dense, smooth and weather-resistant, never rough. Moderate feathering on ears, forelegs, body and hindquarters.

Color: liver brown / white, black / white or any of these colors with tan markings.

Size: Approximate height at the withers: 51 cm (20 ins.).

Defect: Every deviation from the above points must be viewed as a defect, the evaluation of which should be in exact proportion to the degree of the deviation and its influence on the health and well-being of the dog. Any dog ​​clearly showing physical or behavioral abnormalities must be disqualified.

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