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"Dogs, if they didn't exist, they would have to be invented!" Martin Pietralla


We don't sell puppies
we are looking for a new & suitable home for each individual!

We are Kirsten and Robert Griese and live with our mixed dog pack in the beautiful, green Inrath Kliedbruch, directly near to the wood. Dogs have accompanied us throughout our childhood and have always been a high priority in our lifes. Anyone who knows us knows that we dog owners are passionate and that we like to spend a lot of time with our four-legged friends. Our dogs live together with us in the house and garden and holidays without them we do not know. In addition, I have been working on animal welfare for more than 10 years now, working with a veterinary practitioner and training as a nutritionist. More here:


We breed with heart and mind under the FCI in spaniel club Germany, with the internationally protected kennel name CROWFIELD'S since 1992, and follow the international breed standard. Our primary breeding goal is healthy, socially acceptable and consistent English Springer Spaniel. Our puppies grow up in our house and therefore have daily contact with people and are cared for around the clock. By the domestic life they are getting used to the usual sounds early. In the approx. 3. - 4. Week then they move from the dog room to us in the living room, with access to the garden to get to know different treads, objects, puppy toys, etc. and to bring them the topic of housebuilding ever closer. In addition, our puppies have contact with children and other dogs (breeds). We try to the best of our knowledge and belief all the relevant environmental stimuli that are influential and socializing for the future to be included. Our puppies are examined by the veterinarian in the 8th week, chipped and vaccinated and then taken off the breeding team of the club. The delivery takes place a few days later with a small luggage, consisting of EU vaccination certificate, pedigree and health certificate, collar leash, a puppy wallet with feed plan and of course with a puppy food. It is important to us that our puppies are fed properly and in an appropriate way so that they have a long and healthy life.

Due to his "Will To Please" the English Springer Spaniel is an ideal family dog ​​and also very suitable for beginners.


If you are interested in one of our puppies then please contact us at an early stage, because we would like to get to know our prospective puppy prospective beforehand.


Our dogs are not hunted!

We are looking forward to your contact

Kirsten & Robert Griese and all 24 paws

Kennel Crowfield's Krefeld
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