Our A-litter  Crowfield's 7 UP's were born on the 14th of Nobember 2018!

we have 7 propper and wonderful puppies in liver white.

5 males & 2 females

AVK4: 93,33%   IK4: 1,57%

Ahnentafel Diagramm Feeby A-Wurf.jpg
The male is determined. We chose the Sieger's dog, SYDNEY. For us was health and carakter very important, which criteria the young man both fulfilled. I now know "Sydney" since he was a puppy and I had showed him many times . He not only impresses with his movement, but he also has a charming, great and funny nature. He is a very balanced dog who wants to be a good friend with everybody. In addition, he fits in many other points that are important for us and our breeding, to our bitch "Feeby". We hope for this mating healthy, strong and typeful puppies. "Sydney" is already the father of 6 charming and strong offspring at Kennel Bungee Jumper's. His father "DIXON" (Cardhu Ain't Got You) in Kennel Sieger's comes from Australia and is not only very successful at exhibitions, but also has more than 70 offspring with great characters and promising show results!


Girl 1:

Crowfield's A Dream Comes True



Crowfield's A Love We Share

" Lemon"



Crowfield's All You Need Is Love

" Suggar"



Crowfield's Always In My Mind

" Zero"


Crowfield's A Promise You Made

" Tropical"


Crowfield's A Day In My Life

" Mojito"


Crowfield's A Power Of Love

" Cherry"